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Dance Studio

Proximity and size are not the sole factors that make a good dance studio. Our dance studio makes it a best place for you to do dance classes and rehearsals. We specialize in the following fields:

  • Hip hop
  • Ballet
  • Salsa
  • Tango & Cha-Cha
  • Waltz
  • Bridal Dance

We focus on the continued development of our clients and our dance studio makes it a good choice for recreational and competition-based dances. If you or your child wants to learn proper techniques on dancing, our professional dance studio is here to help you out!

Well-rounded Dance Studio Facilities

The overall environment of our dance studio makes it a perfect place to initiate a wide variety of dancing activities. An empty room with wide open windows doesn’t make any good dance studio. Here in Real Rhythm Studio, we have spacious rooms that are specifically designed for dancing purposes. Make all your dance moves and routines on professionally designed floor that is cushioned to absorb shocks from jumping. Our studio is well-maintained and styled with creativity, making it ideal for young people who have the passion for dancing. It’s well-ventilated, organized, and comes complete with all facilities including restrooms.

The dance studio must also have space for viewers and parents. Generally, there are two rules applied on dance studios when it comes to viewing and observation. These include an open door policy wherein students get to watch in a weekly manner and another one is set on a pre-defined viewing days.

Comprehensive Programs

Your dancing classes will not be successful without our highly trained dance instructors. We offer a comprehensive program and training courses on the mentioned dancing disciplines, making every minute of your stay fully packed with learning. The courses offered are tailored to meet the students’ individual needs on dancing from the basics up to the most difficult techniques and routines.

If dancing is your life, you want to give it your best shot in every single performance you make. And if there’s any good place to start, why not have it in our studio?

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