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Studio Equipment

Here in Real Rhythm Studio, we understand exactly what you need. We have created a fantastic environment for learning music.  Those who are looking to learn how to play musical instruments, make recordings, or conduct shows and events; Our studio is complete with all studio equipment to help them achieve success. Our studio is a wonderful place for students to perform well whether individually or as part of a group or band.

Get the following advantages when you work with us:

  • Modern and complete facilities
  • Friendly, approachable, and highly trained music teachers and staff
  • Convenient to use studios and equipment
  • Creative recording studio and performance facilities

Live Performance Studio Equipment

When looking for a venue to host live performances and shows, you want to make sure it has all the studio equipment you need. Our studio has a complete set of facilities  and studio equipment for live performances. It can house up to 30 seated persons. Whether you’re conducting a musical show, recital, theatrical play, or any other event, our studio can be your perfect choice. Out studio offers real and creative environment for any live performances. Our Performance Studio is sized to accommodate a wide range of events and live activities. It can also be a great location for visiting artists.

Recording Studio Equipment

With the state-of-the-art studio equipment for music production and recording, Real Rhythm Studio is an ideal location for record labels, theater, radio and television, publishers, and other businesses including individual artists and music bands.

Recording studios vary in types and it takes more than just nice studios and modern studio equipment to record the kind of music that you want. The advent of modern digital recorders and music software has dramatically changed how recording works. Real Rhythm Studio, has all it takes to make your music recording experience unforgettable. We take pride on our sophisticated studio which has everything you need to do your recordings. Other than voice recording, our studio can also be used by bands to record demo albums for submission to music producers. We can record up to 20 people in one take. Aside from our spacious and convenient room, we have complete recording tools and equipment.

In addition, you can also create audio effects for movies and presentations as well as commercial jingles. We have four rooms available for any recording purposes. During your recording session, count on our technical staff and engineers. They will be on the background to assist you with your needs.

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