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About Real Rhythm Studio

Established in 2005, Real Rhythm Studio was birthed out with the goal of finding new talents and helping them improve their natural skills and talents on music. Obviously, there are many individuals out there who have the passion and interest in music but don’t have the opportunity to start their career. Hence, Real Rhythm Studio aims to provide these people with a platform wherein they can create, learn, and develop their talents.

Real Rhythm Studio is the brainchild Evan Yako, a multi-talented, passionate artist and producer. His love for music opened up enormous opportunities to all others who have the potential to become great artists. Since its launching in 2005, Real Rhythm Studio had been working with numerous artists in Sydney including music professionals coming from the World Music. Thus, it aspires to be the best recording studio in Fairfield.

In November 2011, the new design of Real Rhythm Studio commenced in Sydney. While they offer recording and teaching services in the whole Sydney region, Real Rhythm also works with artists from the international music scene.

As an artist, you deeply understand that choosing a recording studio requires a crucial decision. The quality of music you produce often times depends on the recording studio and the tools and software that you will make use of. However, with the huge number of recording studios and information available on and off the web, you might experience difficulties finding the right studio. Apparently, recording studios range from small home studios to large professional studios and everywhere you go, you’ll hear them saying they are the best ones. But the question is – what makes the best recording studio and what do you get from the money you pay?

Real Rhythm Studio gives you a run for your money as it does not only operate as a mere studio, but it also offers other services in the form of music, singing, vocals and dance lessons. Any music enthusiast can learn the basics of singing through our music school; our music experts will train you to become the best artist that you can be. Our music school also provides lessons on song writing and music producing. Furthermore, for those dance aficionados, our talented dance instructors can definitely help you get your grooves on. Our well-maintained dance studio is equipped with the finest facilities that every dancer needs.

Real Rhythm Studio seeks to put splendid rhythm in your music as you sing and dance your way to success.


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