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Evan Yako: Session Drummer, Drum Teacher, Recording Artist and Music Producer

rania-abbott_tam-evan-drummer-9Evan Yako is a full-time session drummer who has worked with numerous local and international artists in producing original music and providing top of the range drum tracks.

As Real Rhythm Studio opened up in Fairfield in 2005, since then Evan has produced music for national and international artists. Behind all this is Evan Yako, a multi-talented artist who has huge experience in music labels and recording.


He started playing drums when he was just 10 years old. When he moved to Australia in 1995, Evan Yako began crafting his career by attending a formal music school, the Contemporary Music Centre Australia. He also studied privately with Mitch Farmer for five years and with David Jones.

He started out in 2002 as local and national drummer. He has performed in numerous festivals including Partridge Festival, Blues Festival and National Folk Festival are just to name a few. He also played and performed in private functions and school based activities. From then on, he became a popular drummer and had the chance to perform with international western and world artists. To date, Evan has played drum tacks in over 30 albums, two of which were voted the best albums in the years 2008 and 2009.


Evan Yako has made massive contributions to the success of a number of albums in the world music as well as western music particularly in the US, Britain, and Canada. Because of this, he was offered an international endorsement deal with SONOR, UFIP, and FACUS DRUMINNOVATIONS.

Music Recording

Establishing his own recording studio has always been Evan’s childhood dream, having a studio that is both accessible and local was a stepping-stone in the launch of Real Rhythm Studio, Evan Yako and his team have enabled local artists to take one big step to utilize the services available where potential artists will get access to music production that will take their names into the limelight of success.

Real Rhythm Studio has been in operation for over 12 years and the current expansion of the studio and the addition of the music and dance school have greatly contributed towards Evan’s expertise and achievements.
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Achievements & Awards

Evan has been extremely successful and continues to do so through his participation and creations of different projects; his best one including the Healing Through Evan Yako’s Drumming Project.

This project concentrates on helping refugee students at school who are struggling with everyday life through the power of music. This not only helps their music ability but also better concentration at school, as music is scientifically proven to boost the mind in concentration and most importantly, a much happier and higher self-esteem/self-worth. The project has gained a lot of media attention over the years and continues to grow and as a result, has gained many awards.

Healing Through Evan Yako’s Drumming was featured in the Sydney Morning Herald along with Fairfax Media at Cabramatta High School, talking about the impact and success of the program.

The Healing Through Evan Yako’s Drumming Program was also featured on Sunrise- Channel 7 at Fairfield High School, also speaking and demonstrating the success with the program. 

Evan has also been featured in an Interview on the Supreme Master Television channel, which can be viewed using this link:

Below is a portion of the list of achievements acquired by Evan Yako.

Here is some of Evan Yako’s Drumming


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