Evan Yako

Session Drummer, Educator, Music Producer

Evan Yako stands as a respected Assyrian Australian session drummer, esteemed educator, and dedicated music producer. As the driving force behind Real Rhythm Studio in Sydney, Australia, Evan’s profound project, “Healing Through Evan Yako’s Drumming,” ignites the musical spark in young minds, fostering a transformative connection with the world of rhythm within school settings.

Evan’s exceptional dedication to his cause has garnered him esteemed recognitions, including the Shayna Humanitarian Services Award in 2022 and the STARTTS Humanitarian Award for Best Project in 2015.

Evan’s musical journey encompasses an impressive array of accomplishments. Regarded as a sought-after session and studio drummer, his rhythmic talents have graced the compositions of artists from a rich tapestry of cultures and communities, including Italian, Spanish, African, Middle Eastern, Persian, Assyrian, Australian, American, Swedish, Canadian, and Turkish. His drumming has made an indelible impact on over 50 albums and more than 30 singles and video clips.

Evan’s dynamic performances have illuminated esteemed World Music, Jazz, and Folk festivals, including Peats Ridge,
Blues & Roots, Art Not Apart, the National Folk Festival Canberra, the Moon Festival, and more. His awe-inspiring
performances have ranged from intimate settings to grand stages with audiences exceeding 100,000, embracing the
diversity of human connection through rhythm. Notably, Evan released his original album, “Inspirational Stories,” in January 2023, achieving this milestone at the Sydney Opera House.

Evan’s historic performance at the iconic Sydney Opera House stands as a testament to his groundbreaking achievement. He became the first Assyrian artist to grace its historic stage, a moment that reverberates throughout the Assyrian community’s history.

From humble beginnings banging pots and pans, Evan’s unique drumming style emerged, setting him apart even in his early days. His innovative spirit shone through when he auditioned for a local band armed with plastic buckets, a defining moment that etched his name into history.

Guided by influences like drumming luminaries Steve Gadd and Dennis Chambers, Evan has cultivated a mastery of World, Fusion, and Jazz music. His performances have reached global audiences through prominent platforms such as Sunrise, Fuel TV, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and SBS.

Evan Yako is proudly sponsored by Sonor Drums, UFIP Cymbals, Evan’s Drumheads, and ProMark drumsticks. Residing in Sydney with his partner Deena and their cherished daughters, Melody and Harmony, Evan’s personal journey intertwines with his musical endeavors.

Among his many achievements, Evan’s featured spread in Drumscene magazine (Issue 105) marks a pivotal milestone.
This feature boldly claimed eight pages, celebrating his distinction as the first Assyrian/Iraqi drummer to be featured in
Drumscene magazine, Australia’s number one Drum magazine. Evan’s narrative, from busking in Baghdad to nurturing rhythm within refugee children, captured the nation’s attention, gracing 100 newspapers across Australia and the esteemed SBS news.

In partnership with the Department of Education in Australia, Evan humbly extends his expertise to impact young lives
through music education. He visits 6 high schools in Sydney each week, teaching 150 students, and over the last nine years, his “Healing Through Evan Yako’s Drumming” program has reached over 4,000 students, cultivating rhythm, connection, and personal growth.

Evan’s dedication to his craft and his enduring impact on the music realm and his community weave a tapestry of rhythm, dedication, and inspiration that resonates far and wide.


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Achievements & awards:

Fairfield & Liverpool Multicultural Health Services to Evan Yako
from Real Rhythm Studio in appreciation of the time and effort invested in the Anti-Smoking Campaign 2014-2015
Fairfield & Liverpool Multicultural Health Services to Evan Yako
from Real Rhythm Studio in appreciation of the time and effort invested in the Anti-Smoking Campaign 2014-2015
Certificate of Appreciation presented by Fairfield City Council to
Real Rhythm Studio for the contribution to the “Work Experience – Bring it On!” Program 2012
ZEST Awards Nominee for Outstanding Not for Profit Community Leader

Certificate of Appreciation presented by Cabramatta High School Intensive English Centre

Humanitarian Awards 2015 as Best Project Award by NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation
of Torture and Trauma Survivors from the Refugee Council of Australia, Settlement Services International
and Illawarra Multicultural Services Inc.

Youth work Awards 2017 – Youth Action and nominated for Outstanding
Service or Project working with Young People from a CALD background

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