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Real Rhythm Studio - Recording Studio Fairfield, NSW, Australia

Real Rhythm Studio is an expert music recording studio. Whether you’re recording for a soundtrack album, for a school project, or you simply want to experience how artists make their records, Real Rhythm Studio has it all for you. Working with us entitles you with the following benefits:

Professional Engineer and Technical Staff

When you work with us, a highly experienced engineer will assist you in recording your music. The music engineer has a big role in the sound and results of your recording. Whether you’re making a song demo, an album release, or a radio ad, our technical staff and engineers will make every recording you do sounds like a pro!

Recording Studio Facilities

Many people would convert their bedrooms to home studios. While the music produced may sound good inside the studio, it may not have the superb quality you’re looking for when played on public speakers and stereos. Real Rhythm makes use of facilities that have been designed from top to bottom to make sure that all recordings will sound better anywhere from homes to garages to buildings to cars and so on.  We have complete monitoring systems to maintain sound quality from the beginning of your recording down to the very last second.

Real Rhythm Studio aims to provide the best recording and teaching services and all rounder skills with various instruments. Using modern recording studios and state-of-the-art facilities for live performances, Real Rhythm Studio will help every artist bring out the best in them.

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