Evan Yako’s Midnight Musicians

Evan Yako’s Midnight Musicians led by Assyrian session drummer Evan Yako, features a diverse range of musicians renowned both locally and internationally. Drawing inspiration from his own homeland territory of the Hakkari region, Evan continues an ancestral legacy with a modern fusion twist. 

His original compositions narrates personal experiences, life lessons and journeys through rhythmic expression, and explores sounds of indigenous cultures from different nations in a mix of Jazz, Fusion and World genres. From slow, melodious tunes to lively, percussive arrangements – these medleys are guaranteed to take the audience through an auditory, emotive and reflective adventure. Evan Yako’s Midnight Musicians is set to embark on a new journey with a debut album in the works entitled Inspirational Stories, to be released in 2021.

Evan Yako is proudly sponsored by SONOR Drums and UFIP Cymbals.

Evan Yako is proudly sponsored by:

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